Guest Blogging Opportunity

Guest blogging is a simple process where a guest writes for someone else’s blog. Topic is mutually decided by the blog owner and the guest writer. It is a win-win situation for both parties. Let us have a look at the key takeaways for both:


Takeaways for guest blogger:

  1. A hosting platform where they can share their thoughts with the world. This might also help them to give a trial to blogging before they start with their blogs
  2. An easy to share link which they can share on their social media handles and own blogs if they wish, thus providing access to a broader audience
  3. Make new friends and followers as the link to their blogs and social media handles is generally shared at the bottom of the article, this generating quality backlinks to their blog

Takeaways for the blog owner:

  1. New content for his blog, thus reducing his load to write more blogs
  2. A new audience for the blog as the guest blogger generally shares the article on his blog or social media platforms
  3. Backlinks are generated if the guest author promotes the article on his/her blog, Better backlinks help to improve search engine result pages further

Opportunity for Guest Blogging

Now since this blog now has an Alexa rank under 70K, I feel it might appeal to more users to share their articles with me. under 70K Alexa rank

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As you might be aware that this blog is about sharing information and knowledge that the writer might have acquired from his/her personal experiences. I would expect you to write original content that might be helpful to the ones looking for information on it. Apart from this, you can also share works of fiction like poetry or short stories. Copyright of the articles will remain with the writer, and I am just providing a platform to it.

Please note that no financial transaction is involved in this process.

If you wish to write, you can discuss the same with me on any of my social media handles given below:

Facebook/Instagram/LinkedIn/Twitter: rishabhj24

You can also mail me at