Three Psychological tricks that will assist in next Group Discussion

Psychological GD Trick

We all have heard about the brownie points you get If you happen to give a decent start to the group discussion. We all know taking initiatives is an essential leadership trait. Moreover, it also shows high self-confidence. To know more about the skills, your moderator is looking for you can read my last blog by clicking the below button.

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Trick 1: To start the conversation, every time

So what can be done so that you and only you are the one to initiate the discussion. So here is the trick:

Generally, before the moderator asks to start the discussion, he would give 2-3 minutes to think. In that time I would recommend you to spend only about a minute in your notebook and come up with some initial thoughts on the topic. Once you do that, start looking around at other group members. Most of them would still be busy noting their ideas. The trick is when they lift their head they should find you smiling and looking them in the eye. This little trick would send a message that you are confident and already prepared to start the discussion. Knowing this, they would subconsciously allow you to speak first.

This trick has worked for me in 90% of the cases.

Trick 2: Be the leader

Sometimes, you get to choose your seat while going for a Group discussion. In such cases, you should try to take the power seats or leader seats. Generally, candidates have to sit in a semi-circle formation. Always go for the center seat and if it is not available, try getting one of the corner seats. These seats give a psychological advantage, and you automatically get more chances to speak.

Make sure that you can have good eye contact with everyone in the group from your seat. If not, do not hesitate to adjust your chair a little bit.

Trick 3: Be the friendly enemy

In a group discussion, you have to agree with and acknowledge everyone with a smile and similar body language. Even if the person is directly negating your viewpoint, still be friendly to them. You will observe that halfway through the discussion most will consider you on their side and support you in the discussion. They will start giving you more opportunities to speak and would even seek your opinion on some of the issues discussed.


Try using these simple tricks in your next group discussion and give your comments below! Also feel free to ask any other group discussion questions that you might have.