7 Things that I am doing in this lockdown period to up skill myself


Siting home all day with not much work to do and can be challenging. It might take a toll on our physical and mental health. We can rather use this time to emerge stronger out of the current situation and try to improve ourselves.We can add more skills, more knowledge, better health and healthy habits. Sharing some of the things that I am doing these days:

1. Learning to Play Guitar

It has been 7 years since I bought a guitar for myself but have not been able to learn it for some or the other reason. I am learning it via “Yousician”, you can download it via Google Play Store. This works much better compared to any other video courses, at least it is working for me. The best thing is that the whole interface is gamified, and it gives real time feedback of whatever notes you play. There are also several other instruments that you can learn on Yousician. If there is an instrument you always wanted to play, this might be the perfect time to start.

2. Reading book(Sapiens)

This book is about past, present and future of humanity. It tells how Homo sapiens(current humans) were able to outperform all other races of humanity and different animals. Till now, I have read only first part of book and it is mind boggling. Book also explains the reason behind simple human actions and behaviours. For example, we crave for desserts as sweetness as a flavour was quite rare for early humans and they had to compete with different  animal species for it. It has been programmed in our DNA to cherish sweets. You can buy the book here: https://amzn.to/3bqLj28

3. Marketing Analytics course by Coursera: 

This course is directly related to my professional work, having background in Analytics and now working as a marketing professional this seemed like a perfect course to further improve my knowledge. You are most likely to find a course related to your field of work on Coursera/Udemy.

Here is a link to a course on advanced excel, you can use code KILLCORONA to get if for free.

4. Digital Marketing certifications by Google: 

There are a number of certifications in digital marketing provided by Google. These certifications have worth in the industry and may help you get to a new job or move to Digital Marketing which has immense scope these days. Have a look at these courses here

5. Learning Chess: 

Chess is probably the best board game I have ever played. It helps you to improve focus and at the same time puts those brain cells to work which any ways need some extra exercise days. Click here to play a game of chess with me.

6. Blogging/No coding web development: 

This one is a no brainer, currently you are reading this on my blog. This blog is build on a platform called WordPress. WordPress does not need any advanced coding skills, let me know if you would like to start a blog for yourself and would need any help in setting it up. Also, I would be glad if you could go through my blog and share your feedback.

7. Building habits/Regular workout and meditation: 

21 days is the exact number of days that you need to build a long lasting habit, I am trying to cultivate habit of regular workout and meditation. If interested, you can use Cure Fit app and take live sessions with them free of cost. Click this link to download their app Also, if you decide to take their membership later you will get an additional Rs 1000 off.


I hope that you liked these ideas and would love to up skill yourself using some of them. Waiting for your comments and feedback!