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Indian Jewellery Scenario

Jewellery is probably one of the closest items to heart of any women and specially Indian women. Traditionally, Indian women have been adorning themselves with different jewellery items be it earrings, necklaces, rings, bangles, anklets etc. It is considered to be an essential item of women’s wardrobe since time immemorial.

Understanding Precious Jewellery

Apart from being used as ornament Indians have been seeing jewellery as an investment also, thanks to the ever growing prices of precious metals and stone. Given such high prices, we need to realize some of its shortcomings:

  • Huge one time capital requirement: Even if you want to purchase a small jewellery piece, you need to save for months or years to gather the money required for buying it
  • Storage Cost: Given the high value, you need to invest in storage cost in the form of bank lockers, special safe etc.
  • High making charges: Apart from the high cost of the metal, you also need to pay for making charges which is generally in the range of 10-40% or even higher at times
  • Same design: The main issue is that you can not change your jewellery collection with changing trends unless you want to spend again on the making charges and several other costs that you incur while selling old stuff
  • Risk: We all know that the night is dark and full of terrors. Even the daytime is not safe these days and we hear news of chain snatching and robbery almost every other day, it becomes next to impossible for anyone to wear precious jewellery on a regular basis.


Introducing Fashion Jewellery

Fashion jewellery refers to ornaments made of metals and alloys like copper, brass, zinc etc. Fashion jewellery sometimes also uses materials like stone, feathers, cloth, paper, plastic, acrylic and other factory manufactured beads and stones. It is also called by the names Artificial or Imitation jewellery. Different forms of fashion jewellery are made all over the country. Apart from India, it is also manufactured in China and Korea.

Let us look at some of the key benefits of using fashion jewellery instead of precious one:

  • Affordable: It is highly affordable as compared to precious jewellery. You can easily get the same design for 0.1% to 1% of the cost of gold jewellery
  • High Variety: There is a huge variety available in fashion jewellery, enabling you to purchase a different jewellery piece for every occasion
  • No risk or storage cost: Given low investment, you need not spend anything as storage cost. Many people even buy fashion jewellery as a one time use product.
  • Premium Quality: Given the advancement in technology, fashion jewellery today is available in high quality with impeccable polish and finishing. Most of the consumers can not even differentiate between fashion jewellery and gold jewellery.


Our new venture: Steorra Jewels

We have been in the business of Fashion Jewellery since three generations now. We have been manufacturing fashion jewellery since 1982 in different parts of Maharashtra and Gujrat. Recently, we have also started exporting jewellery to other countries also.

We observed that presently Indian customers are not able to get the worth of their money spent on online portals for Fashion jewellery purchases. This prompted us to come up with an all new portal to cater to retail customers. Please check out the website at can also use the voucher code SJ100 to get a discount of Rs100 on your orders.

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Also, we have a different portal for re-sellers and wholesalers. Where you can shop at wholesale rates. In the current offer we have kept the minimum billing to Rs 1000 only. Not only this, you would also get a surprise gift with every order. If you are a wholesale, register yourself at

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Steorra Jewels is also proficient in taking care of export/corporate gifting orders. 

PS: Website is still in its final development stages, but you can go and shop without any worries. If you notice any bugs please report them to or comment below!